“As IP counsel for Edwards, I worked with Hank on several patent applications and other projects. Hank's creativity and technical skills were a boon to our preparation of thorough and well-conceived patent applications.” February 16, 2010

Greg Carlin , Intellectual Property Counsel , Edwards Lifesciences


“I have worked with Hank and used him as a consultant on several occasions over many years. I have always found his work to be thorough and extremely thoughtful. His technical knowledge and broad work experience are valuable assets that I would highly recommend to any project manager in need of assistance.” November 24, 2009

Kenneth Curry , Distinguished Engineer , Edwards Lifesciences


“Hank was a great mentor and excellent manager at Edwards Lifesciences. His competence and expertise in scientific development is outstanding. He always looks toward the future on a project and knows how to push the momentum of the team in the right direction. More than anything, he has taught me the importance of independent creativity in the arena of science and engineering. I really enjoyed working for him and would recommend him to anyone.” November 23, 2009

Steven Jacks , Engineering Technician , Edwards Lifesciences


“Hank and I worked together developing a glucose sensor for hospital settings. He was in R&D, and I was in business development. hank is defintely a hard worker, who was fully dedicated to the success of the project. Two aspects of Hank's performance impressed me in particular, and showed his capacity for senior level performance. One was Hank's creativity. He was not only prolific in solving vexing challenges, he was also very sensitive and expedient with patent disclosures. He really understood the importance of intellectual property in the corporate setting. Second, Hank is the engineer with the rare capability to explain abstract and complex concepts to non-technical managers. We worked together for many hours, with Hank patiently explaining and clarifying complex technical issues. This was not only helpful to me, but to the entire team, as we updated top management on our progress, and applied for funding, resources and time.” November 23, 2009

Onne Ganel , Director, Discovery , Edwards Lifesciences


“I had the great pleasure of working under Hank at Edwards Lifesciences. During my time there, Hank allowed me to explore my own ideas while helping me progress through each project with his past experiences. Hank has provided me with a plethora of knowledge that I could not attain anywhere else. His insightful thoughts and technique directly resulted in increased efficiency and productivity due to his unique, yet subdued, style of teaching. As a result, a working relationship quickly developed in which I was given the opportunity to explore new ideas in order to overcome the current challenges. Hank's will for success drives everyone that works with him. He establishes a great respect within the working environment yielding increased work efficiency. Hank's excitement and creative attitude towards science is infectious and allows everyone to feel comfortable as part of the team. I would like to thank Hank for all that he has done in helping me become who I am today. He has always pushed me to do better and has always instilled faith in my success. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend Hank and am willing to answer any and all questions applying to our working relationship. Ryan Stomel” November 17, 2009

Ryan Stomel , R&D Engineer , Edwards Lifesciences


“I had the pleasure of working with Hank at my first job right out of college. His experiments were always well thought out and directed at specific scientific questions. What made Hank a pleasure to work for was his ability to help me understand the purpose, theory, and goal of each experiment. These small gestures are what make Hank a great manager and mentor.” November 17, 2009

Amit Patel , R&D Engineer , Edwards Lifesciences


“Hank and I collaborated on several projects involving thermoplastic and rubber product testing and failure analysis. His expertise was the key to the project's success. His encyclopedic knowledge of polymer chemistry, engineering mindset, and innovative thought process make him just the guy you need when faced with a difficult polymer material problem. Even better, his wit, personable manner, and industriousness make him a delight to work with. He's still my "goto" guy in his field.” December 3, 2009

Pete Harrell , Principal Engineer , Southwest Research Institute

Dr. Henry Oviatt

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