Henry W. Oviatt, Ph.D.

Temecula, CA 92591 ♦ 951.526.6696
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Current and Past Experience

Scientific Consultant, US Polymer Solutions

Using my scientific talents and experience in the technological marketplace, including proposal development, scientific problem solving, and marketing of patented technology.

Western Regional Sales Manager, Brookhaven Instruments Corp.

Sales and customer support in 13 western states for particle sizing, zeta potential, and molecular weight characterization systems.

Distinguished Engineer, Edwards Lifesciences

Development of continuous glucose sensor technology for critical care patients, development of methodology for characterizing bovine pericardial tissue after fixation processes.

Research Scientist/Manager/Consultant UC Irvine

Developed enhanced MRI vascular imaging agents for blood pool imaging (NIH Funded - R21 exploratory grant)

Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Tech transfer and manufacturing of retinal tamponades and viscoelastics, with a global ophthalmic pharmaceutical and device research and manufacturing. PMA Supplements on product, conducting stability studies, resolving packaging issues.

Research Chemist, CSIRO Molecular Science/Chemicals and Polymers

Non-defense Australian govt. research laboratory. Surface modification by gas plasma methods with antibody immobilization, biocompatibility of polyurethanes.

Staff Scientist, Chiron Vision

Global ophthalmic device and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Controlled release of gancyclovir, UV absorbers for silicone lens manufacturing, QA methods development, RA and QA support scientist.

Staff Scientist, Baxter Healthcare/American Hosp. Supply

R&D and support for operating divisions (Edwards Labs., Bentley Labs., Huyer Schulte, Mentor) and unique R&D projects. Sensor development, applied synthesis, surface modification, immobilization of fluorescent dyes, hydrogels for contact lenses, biodegradable polymers, and tissue adhesives.

Education UC Irvine B.S., Ph.D degrees in Chemistry

Dr. Henry Oviatt

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