Technology Available for Licensing

  • Patent 7,422,607 Anti-calcification treatments for heart valves and vascular grafts. Available for licensing.

Past Projects

  • Development of improved MRI contrast agents
  • Development of materials for fluorescence based sensors
  • Sol-Gel synthesis of micro and mesoporous materials
  • Development of new viscoelastic compositions
  • Synthesis of anti-calcification agents for heart valves
  • Surface modification of critical delivery components for IOL implantation
  • Resolution of formulation issues in two part silicone systems
  • Secondary processing of API’s from crystalline to amorphous state for improved tableting processes




  • Characterization of psuedoplastic compositions as viscoelastic agents
  • Development of aging profiles for viscoelastic compositions
  • Development and testing of improved adhesion between materials in critical soldier personal protective equipment.
  • Development of new porous materials and processes for implant materials
  • Solution to surface defects in radar facilities outer structures
  • Synthesis of materials for non-linear optic applications
  • Measurement of gel properties for soft silicone gels
  • Gas RF Plasma surface modification methods
  • Catalytic materials for fuel cells


Devices, Processes, and RA/QA


  • Implantable Glucose Sensor development
  • Improvement of packaging compositions for ophthalmic products
  • Platelet adhesion to materials surfaces
  • Tech transfer operations of fine chemical manufacturing processes
  • Development of QA and Analytical SOP’s for processes
  • Design and implementation of specialized test fixtures for flight suits
  • Redesign of infant delivery devices
  • Improvement in testing processes for controlled release devices
  • Chemical Manufacturing Control (CMC) sections for device regulatory filings
  • Pre-Market Approval (PMA) supplements for devices
  • Quality documentation
  • Due dilligence reports for manufacturing processes

Dr. Henry Oviatt

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